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Old 09-04-2006, 16:49   #91
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Re: Photo Competition 1

Originally Posted by mantrabooks
I know its late but my van is so beautiful I thought I would post it anyway
I see you posted the pic in the gallery but you haven't put it in the photo competition 2 album, it needs to be in there to be entered into the comp

I will post this pic on the new com....
Just a tip, if you post pics of cars always hide the number plate for security - criminals can use this to their advantage, they pinch a car exactly the same as yours and put "your number" on it and it doesn't look suspicious to the police as they are looking for the same kind of van but with a different number! plus you could get hit with parking and speeding tickets

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Re: Photo Competition 1

TBH its not worth the bother KSH. If someone is going to clone your car then they will. I really can't see a thief seeing a picture of a car and thinking 'Oh, I'll forget about nicking a nice shiny merc, I'll get a red Citroen van instead.

They will naturally nick whatever car they cam and then watch for a similar car to clone. Most of teh time they don't even bother trying to match them. There was a case with the london congestion charge where a farmer received demands for 100 unpaid congestion charges. He responded that his combine harvester with that reg had never been outside scotland!

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