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Old 22-08-2023, 07:37   #16
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Re: FIFA Women's World Cup

As we all know sore losers are to be found in many sports and these losers are usually amongst the observers not the participants. To be bitter about a result and to blame this on what might have been perceived as unfair tactics is pathetic in my opinion, definitely sour grapes and a complete waste of time, not in any way is it a supportive gesture. If during any game some unfair advantage has been given to one side over the other well it has happened, get over it, and move on. I watched that soccer game Cashie and I can assure you I do fully understand the game, and to be honest I saw little to be bitter about - the best side won, that’s it. End of story.

Bitterness, ill feeling, sour grapes, whatever you want to call it, none of these have any place in sport, sport is meant to be enjoyed. It’s a game. There is a winner and there is a loser (unless it’s a drawn game of course) and there’s usually a next time. So to my way of thinking that online bitterness that has been mentioned regarding the women’s soccer match is disappointing and makes no sense whatsoever, common or otherwise.
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Old 26-08-2023, 21:41   #17
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Re: FIFA Women's World Cup

one of the lionesses went to haslingden high school ... keira walsh ..

i watched a couple of the matches .. and saw bits of the others .. enjoyed what i saw ..
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Old 27-08-2023, 09:24   #18
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Re: FIFA Women's World Cup

sour grapes and on line bitterness, this is all brought about because the Ref's do not play the game even to the simplest of rule's, eg player get's yellow card, later in the game commits another yellow card offence (kick's a dead ball away to waste time) ref does not give the yellow as she would have to send the player off 2 yellow's = 1red. This is a simple enough rule to follow and implement but when ref's chose not to play to the rule it causes sour grapes and bitterness.
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Old 27-08-2023, 15:48   #19
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Re: FIFA Women's World Cup

agree with ferret man about refs but have to say enjoyed the womens game mostly they dont carry on like they been shot when fouled far better than the mens game. glad i watch Stanley cos its much rarer in the lower leagues.
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