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Springhill Spot A forum running in conjunction with Springhill Spotlight. Give your opinions on what is happening in your area. Air your views and grievances. Put forward ideas on how we can improve Springhill

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Old 19-03-2010, 20:10   #1
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Disgusted !!!!!

this past few weeks ive been doing a lot of walking, from springhill either into town or my favorite walk up to ossy, now i know its winter but !!!!! the streets in springhill & going into town are very very disgusting, im sure that the council could do something to pick this rubbish up thats lying about everywhere i know the wind blows stuff around but surley its not good for kids to play nr the stuff, i say " get the ones who are on an asbo to clear all streets" it won't do um any harm. another gripe is whilst walking around fern gore they are doing sewrage work or something & where the rugby pitch is its been fenced off & some little " persons" have bent all the fencings down the pathway disgusted totally respect for the area's that they live in ................suprisingly enough ossy aint bad .....i wonder why?
Ilove accy, thats why i moved back but now im up ossy
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Accrington Web
Old 19-03-2010, 20:14   #2
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Re: Disgusted !!!!!

Some of the back alleys in the town centre are littered with piles of old rubbish, that's been there for weeks, if not months. Some of it within yards of the Town Hall!

So I certainly know what you're saying Mez.

(Welcome back by the way. You were missed. x)
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Old 19-03-2010, 20:41   #3
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Re: Disgusted !!!!!

Have you contacted your local council cleansing departments and told them about it?

Or perhaps your local councillors?
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Old 19-03-2010, 21:58   #4
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Re: Disgusted !!!!!

mez its teh council that are responsible for most of teh rubbish been there in teh first place because they cant hit the back of a bin waggon literaly.I can guarentee you if it was a different area like the posher part of oswaldtwistle they wouldsend somone up with a golden broom and shovel to remove the waste just like they provide a green bin for grass cutings in posher areas with gardens yet areas like rothwell avenue with both front and back gardens dont get a green bin and garden waste colections because HBC says it isnt a gardened property area despite them building the houses and sending warning letters out when they owned them for untidy gardens.

also if you ring up and ask for rubbish they let go into your garden to be removed you will be told it cant be removed on grounds of health and safety , im forever cleaning up other peoples crap that HBC let go into my garden

the lower your council tax band teh lower the amount and quality of service you get
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